Dr. Hannes Klühs, civil law notary in Düsseldorf
Areas of Work

Company Law

Especially due to progressive internationalization corporate and company law becomes more complex. With the help of your civil law notary the founding and further legal assistance of a company become a safe matter.

Company Law

For anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur or already is one, first, the question of the proper legal form is crucial. In this context, above all, criteria like organization, legal liability, tax and labor law are to consider.

As a civil law notary I will advise you at first about the choice of the appropriate legal form. Thereafter I provide drafts of all agreements and declarations necessary for the incorporation. Our notary office then ensures proper implementation of the incorporation by application vis a vis the commercial register and monitoring of the companies registration. Subsequent, I am pleased to assist you with other company issues, such as shareholder meetings, changes of articles of incorporation, restructuring of the company (eg: transformation according to the German Transformation Act) or the conclusion of an affiliation agreement. Finally, in case of the sale or acquisition of a company with limited liability (GmbH) or a share in a GmbH we provide the suitable components for an effective contract. For that matter I work closely with your attorney and tax advisors if necessary.

Statutory law stipulates the participation of a civil law notary especially for corporations such as the GmbH, the business company (with limited liability) (“UG”), the AG or the cooperative. Though, besides my usual assistance with the registration in the commercial register or the register of associations, as a civil law notary I also offer the entire range of consulting services for partnerships and associations.

For the founders of a GmbH or an UG some further information is summarized below.

Incorporation of a GmbH
Incorporation of a business company (with limited liability) (UG)