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Enduring Power of Attorney and Living Will

A sudden or age-related disease or an accident can not only lead to significant changes in the general lifestyle.

Enduring Power of Attorney and Living Will

Illness and accidents can also result in the incapability to (legally) care about one's personal issues, so that one become dependent on the participation of others. In such situations the next of kin, the spouse or significant other can not automatically take actions and decisions for the affected individual. It is therefore advisable to make provision for such cases. Thus, it can especially be avoided, that other foreign people decide on one’s own well being and that painful, life prolonging medical treatments are performed, though the patient has irreversibly entered the deceasing process.

For these cases of emergency - as a precaution - we are able to prepare a appropriate power of attorney and other arrangements such as a living will for the specific case. This way, it is guaranteed, that the outspoken power of attorney and other arrangements are executed in case of emergency. General and health care proxies as well as living wills, which are recorded by a civil law notary, can be registered in the central register for endurable power of attorneys.

In essence, the following power of attorneys and arrangements are available: