Dr. Hannes Klühs, civil law notary in Düsseldorf
Areas of Work

Real Estate Law

One focus of the daily practice of a civil law notary is in real estate law. My team and I provide a safe handling of your real estate matters - from the initial consultation to the completion in the land register.

Real Estate Law

Real estate law includes not only the purchase and sale of a single or multi-family house, a condo or an object, yet to be built by a property developer. Rather, as a civil law notary I am also naturally concerned with the division of a house into home ownership, division and depreciation of patches of land as well as the grounds and sale of heriditary building rights (Erbbaurechte). Finally, we support you with the encumbering of land with mortgages and land charges, easements, rights of residence and usufruct.

To the areas most relevant for individuals, see below for some more information:

Real property sale and purchase agreement