Dr. Hannes Klühs, civil law notary in Düsseldorf
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Dr. Hannes Klühs, civil law notary in Düsseldorf

As a civil law notary I am an impartial guardian of all the parties involved and fulfilling a public function. To live up to the confidence placed in me, I devote time on my client’s private and business matters, aiming at a well-balanced and tailor-made structure.


As a legislative warrantor for integrity and respectability I am performing typically services with regard to processes of eminent importance, for which protection against rashness, the correct formulation of the will of the parties, the clarification of open issues and the protection against unsecured inputs are particularly important. My team and I would be pleased to assist you on your search for a legally correct, safe, equitable as well as humane and economically appropriate solution.

I am pleased to provide advice and notarization also in english.


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